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Here are customer reviews and testimonials from our clients:

These guys are all stars all around!! Pat and crew do outstanding work

Dayna GibbsChico, Ca.

All Star Gutter Guys (Patrick Shin) was recommended by our Realtor who had them do some gutter work done on his private residence. Patrick is a life-time resident of Chico, and as he said, he knows a lot of people in town and his work and reputation speaks for itself.

I am not an easy customer to deal with.  I like lots of information. I want different options to review.  I want to use someone who is highly competent, tells me straight what they can and can’t do. I take my time making a decision. I don’t want the cheapest work done.  I want value for my purchase because I don’t want to have to deal with it again.   Lastly, most importantly, my decision to use a business is based on how they deal with things when the customer isn’t satisfied or something goes wrong.   In other words, how do they fix things.

All Star Gutter Guys (Patrick Shin) to provide a couple of different estimates for replacing and or repairing gutters for a 2 story apartment building that was being purchased.   He gladly came up with multiple estimates so that I could determine which was the best value for this property based on our budget. We talked at length about the material he used.  He explained he uses a Grade E metal which is a higher grade than most businesses who use a Grade D metal.  We discussed the life expectancy of the gutters.  Pat was very candid with me and told me how to extend the life of the gutters with cleaning and maintenance.

I wanted to know about his reputation and experience.  This conversation sold me.  He explained his past work, what he learned, how when he started his own business what he wanted to do to improve on what he saw. So I hired him.  I paid him the $1000.00 of the $5500 job to get the job started.  Not knowing him, I was nervous, but realized very quickly that he delivered on what he says he does.  I was out of town and again had to “trust” his work until I got back in town.

When I got back into town, I toured the 2 buildings on my own.  I saw his work, it’s quality and how thorough it was.  I checked the gutter removal & clean-up process. (as when with roofers, I was looking for nails etc.)  There was no gutter debris from what was removed.   I checked the seams. The cool thing was these gutters were seamless gutters so there weren’t many seams.    I checked the rivets, actually he uses screws.  I asked why.  It’s because you can more easily remove them and make repairs to them or the walls underneath as needed.  Then I met with him and had him walk me through his work.  No surprises.  He explained where there were challenging areas and why.   Lastly, because I live a few hours a way, he offered to come by and check on it performance during the next rain to make sure everything was as installed.

My Realtor’s recommendation was right on.   I’d use Patrick again. The new gutters make the buildings look so much better too. 🙂

Michael D'AntonioChico Ca.

In the Fall of 2011 Pat replaced the gutters for 2 of our apartment buildings in Chico. As I mentioned in my earlier write-up, he was referred to us by our Realtor who is excellent and Pat did a very good job, what he said was what he did, we were content with his work, services etc and have recommended him to others. 

Fast forward to January 2013.  We are prepping for our 2012 taxes.  Low and behold we were reviewing our expenses and we found we double paid Pat the deposit.  $1000.00. I am thinking – bad news.  This is the winter time, just after Christmas, and $1000.00 error, will we get reimbursed and if so, how long will it take?

I’m happy to say that my faith in human beings and the human spirit and the integrity of businessmen has increased since meeting Pat. I called Pat mid-January. He called me back and though we played phone tag for a week or so he kept returning my phone calls even after I told him what happened. When we connected, we talked about the overpayment and of course he asked for some time to check with his accountant. Within a couple weeks he got back to me, and though it was this winter time and a slow time for his business, he committed to repay the overpayment. The news gets better. I think when well intended people make honest commitments, good things come to them. What was going to be a 2 to 3 month repayment plan, Pat, because of his integrity and his interest in doing the right thing, paid us back within six weeks.  Needless to say we were both surprised at how quickly things came together.   Pat runs a tight ship and does good work. This kind of experience could have ended up in many different ways.  In this case, a year and a few months later, we chose the right person then, and will choose him again.  This experience told me a lot about Pat and his way doing business. We wish for him many, many, many, successes.

Michael D'AntonioChico, Ca.